Exciting world of digital games Angry Birds is now not only be enjoyed in cyberspace. The pork butcher bird that has broken screen digital devices, with the present in real life through a park. The park is a recreation park in Helsinki, Finland, by the name of Angry Birds Park. Precisely this playground built in a small town famous, Tampere, Finland.

Angry Birds Park in Helsinki was the first pilot project, before the park will be developed into the world. While of the Rovio, the developer and originator of the idea of making this park, they have plans to build similar parks in other countries. Therefore it is better if the tourists who come to Finland, took time to visit this park.

Angry Birds Park has a fairly complete game rides. Although only a pilot park, the park already has a roller coaster, swings and other play vehicles. Its uniqueness is of course the theme of Angry Birds game. Could be, this place is the first playground with the concept of Angry Birds Game in the world.

The tourists can also take pictures with the bird characters in this game, or maybe the green pigs that sucks. Not only that, in this place various toys are also designed with funny characters in the world's favorite game series Angry Birds. Examples are the tourists can feel how the throw the character of Angry Birds in the form of a doll, with a giant slingshot, just like in the game.

In one corner in this place also offers the typical souvenirs themed Angry Birds. Not only that, there are also specialty stores that sell a limited collection of games, called Magic Palace. At a reduced price and sometimes free, we can download content that may not exist in Google Play or Apple Store.

The management also provides food outlets for visitors who are tired after playing all out in this park. Interestingly as in other parts, food outlets here are designed Angry Birds style world. In addition, tourists can taste all the food and unique candy, shaped funny characters from the game which was originally only released on the iPad and iPhone.

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