Neil Armstrong, U.S. astronaut who became the first to set foot on the moon, has died at the age of 82 years, on Sunday. Armstrong died, after suffering complications after undergoing heart bypass surgery earlier this month after her birthday on August 5, 2012 last.

As commander of the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong became the first to step on the moon on July 20, 1969. When he set foot on the dusty lunar surface, he said, "It's one small step for a man, but a great leap for mankind".

The landing on the moon that marks the victory of the United States over the Soviet Union in the Cold War in space, which began on October 4, 1957, in conjunction with the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik 1. For Americans, the Apollo 11 mission aims to meet President John F. Kennedy's statement that NASA can beat the Russian space program and send humans to the moon.

Armstrong and colleagues, Buzz Aldrin, a walk on the lunar surface for almost three hours to collect samples, conduct experiments and take some photos. Armstrong also had to pay tribute to the American and Soviet astronauts who died in the space exploration effort.

U.S. President Barack Obama and astronaut Buzz Aldrin lead the memorial service for Armstrong yesterday. "When Armstrong and his colleagues in the Apollo 11 flew to the moon in 1969, has been converting the nominally to the world, that the spirit of America can exceed what is considered impossible. Nothing is impossible," said Obama in the event.

Obama also assess Armstrong made ​​the achievement that will never be forgotten. "When he set foot on the moon for the first time, the achievement of humans on Earth will never be forgotten," he said.

Aldrin recalled his colleague as someone who is dedicated. "I'm going to miss Neil, just like U.S. citizens and citizens of the world will lose a pioneer in the world of aviation and space," he said.

Though famous around the world, Armstrong, who is a veteran of the Korean War called not like the popularity that he has. Armstrong has received honors from 17 countries. The U.S. government has often give honors to Armstrong. The first American astronauts orbiting the Earth, John Glenn, said that Armstrong is a person who does not feel he should be praised, because he's very humble.

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