Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that in the market war of mobile devices today between Android, Apple and Windows, they remain firm to fight alongside Windows Phone from Microsoft. Elop that previously worked at Microsoft before moving to Nokia in September 2010, to lead the competition between Nokia, against Apple and Samsung.

Beginning 2011, Nokia abandon Symbian operating system of its own and formed a partnership with Microsoft to use Windows Phone in their products. Until now, Elop did not think at all to take another option. So far Nokia's partnership with Microsoft has not given encouraging results. Manufacturers of mobile phones that recorded an operating loss of 1 billion U.S. dollars in the second quarter of 2012.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone Lumia, Nokia flagship, shipped 4 million units during the quarter. The total number of Nokia mobile phone shipments reached 10.2 million units, while Apple's record iPhone shipment figures were 26 million units and Samsung has shipped over 50 million units of smartphones.

Elop promised that Nokia will soon release devices based on Windows Phone 8. Although not specify exact time, Elop did not deny the news saying that the Finnish company will launch the product in the Nokia World event in Helsinki on 5 to 6 September.

The date is a few days earlier than Apple event September 12 in the United States, which is expected to be an excellent launch of the latest iPhone. It is Nokia's strategy for allegedly stole the market from Apple. Last month, Nokia reportedly planning to announce two Windows Phone smartphones on 5 September, Lumia 910 and 920. Information about these devices is still unclear, but both are expected to carry the operating system Windows Phone 8.

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