ParaNorman is the second 3D animated film from Laika Entertainment and Focus Features. Previously they had been successful with Coraline in 2009, which won an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Film. Chris Butler who served as storyboard supervisor on the film Coraline in collaboration with Sam Fell, as the film director of this ParaNorman. Butler also serves as a screenwriter. The horror genre that brought this film shows the dark color, which provides a new reference to the stop-motion animated horror movie for the audience.

Although the nuances of the horror, this film is still full of comedy typical animated film. Among conveyed through behavior, as well as an intriguing dialogue of each character. A tense zombie character which usually present in adult films, now presented in a scene that is more friendly for viewing by children.

In the making of the film, Butler seeks to focus on ending story. According to him, the whole core of the story in the film will be affected by the end of the story. "So, when I was writing it, I started with the ending and worked backwards so we already had that and then we go into boarding," he explained.

Work on the film started from conversations between Butler and Fell. After that they then discussed with the animator, Travis Knight, to visualize their imagination. "So, each scene was owned by one key animator and they really got to inform the way the scene played. We were always learning from the animators, also, about how things could go," Fell added.

Their totality in making the film appear in the movie promotion. The production team held a zombie attractions that filled the streets around the Sand Diego Convention Center. Many visitors were entertained and not a few who were surprised at the sight of a zombie invasion into the street.

ParaNorman to be released on August 17, 2012, has relatively little competition other children's films. It seems that the film will succeed well enough, considering that not too many competitors.

Synopsis the story of ParaNorman:
Norman Babcock (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is an eleven years old children who were removed from the association. He was the only child who has the rare ability to communicate with non-living beings. Along with these privileges, he is a big responsibility to save his city.

In plain view of the city does look safe and peaceful. Until his uncle who was dead, Mr Prenderghast (John Goodman), warned about the real state of the city where he lives that cursed zombie swarm. The uncle also said that Norman only one who can end the curse.

Not remain silent, Norman and their friends and relatives to act to stop the zombie attacks. Including Alvin, a school friend who likes to make bullying against Norman. Role voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse was struggling with his friends to make the city safe again. However, their safety is at the end as death when evil ghosts are trying to plunge them into another world.

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