A hospital in Paris called the Centre of Brest, has conducted research on the relationship between pets with children with autism. The study revealed that having a pet at home have another very important function to maintain psychological health of residents. Aside from being a great stress reliever, having a pet can also increase the social activities of children with autism.

By giving pets to children with autism can increase the child's social skills significantly. However, the way will not work if since birth, autistic children are already having a pet at home. The researchers say that chances for a new pet, has a new value in home atmosphere.

The study, led by Dr. Marine Grandgeorge, previously had made two kinds of research. The first study involved 24 children with autism. The researchers deliberately divide these into two groups of children. One group was given deliberately pets such as dogs, cats or rabbits, while the other does not.

Results showed that children with pets are better able to share food or toys with parents or other children. The presence of pets also known to increase comfort for them when feel sad or hurt. And different does not occur in children who did not get a pet.

While the second study, conducted by comparing the study group of eight children who have pets in the family since birth and eight who do not have pets. Unfortunately in this second study, researchers did not find much change in the social creativity that occurred in the group of respondents. Other researchers also have found a pet can essentially improve the skills of the child in a typical development process. Including increasing their self-esteem and empathy.

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