Girlband T-ara released their first song titled "Good Person", in April 2009. Before their official debut, these vocal group consisting of beautiful girls doing reshuffle their members and made an official debut in July with a single titled "Lies". But the debut was unfortunately not get a positive response from the public.

On their efforts, the girls managed to reverse the situation by launching the song "TTL (Time to Love)" in September. The song is produced from a special collaboration with the boyband Supernova. At that time the "TTL" was a hit.

These girls then released the first mini album "Temptastic", the flagship song was "YaYaYa" in December. A new member, Hwayoung, officially introduced at this time. Success of the mini album was mediocre. Then the T-ara doing their comeback in June 2011, with the mini album "John Travolta Wannabe" which has a flagship song "Roly Poly". This mini album was relatively successful.

T-ara personnel:

1. Park Jiyeon
Born: June 7, 1993
Height: 167 cm

2. Park Sunyoung (Hyomin)
Born: May 30, 1989
Height: 167 cm

3. Ham Eunjung
Born: December 12, 1988
Height: 167 cm

4. Lee Jihyeon (Q-ri)
Born: December 12, 1986
Height: 162 cm

5. Park Injung (Soyeon)
Born: October 5, 1987
Height: 163 cm

6. Jeon Boram
Born: March 26, 1986
Height: 155 cm

7. Ryu Hwayoung
Born: 22 April 1993
Height: 168 cm

As a famous Korean girlband, of course T-ara has a typical Korean girlband else, consists of beautiful girls with sexy bodies. An examples are the following their wallpapers, which of course would be very fitting for the fans put on their PC.

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