Singapore is a country with a major business destination in the Asia Pacific region in the first half of 2012. This conclusion is based on a survey of 2,500 business travelers in the Asia Pacific region carried hotel operator Accor.

The Survey of  Asia Pacific Business Traveler Research conducted each year to determine the travel and behavioral preferences of business travelers in Asia Pacific. Most travelers come to Singapore for a business trip. Accor found that the Garden City became the most important destination travelers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.

Vice President of Communications Accor Asia Pacific, Evan Lewis, said that the business travel is a reflection of business sentiment and volume of travel is a reflection of how the economy runs. Singapore's like a gateway of Southeast Asia and a relatively strong economy.

Business travelers in Asia to spend more money for their business hotel accommodation. The average traveler spends money 125 Singapore dollars per night for hotel accommodation during the first six months of 2012 or 3 percent higher than last year. Singapore business more extravagant, more spending money, which is 156 Singapore dollars per night for accommodation average of three nights during their business travel.

According to the survey, free wi-fi in the hotel guests choose a key factor, but the majority of respondents did not agree with it. Senior Vice President of Park Hotel Group, Mohd K Rafin say that the service and the location is the main reference. Location is very important due to the ease guests have easy access everywhere. But most important is the service. Reliability to provide the needs of guests, a very important factor.

Some hotels like the Pan Pacific Singapore believes that guests appreciate the value of staying in an impressive all-round, including the quality of equipment and services. The hotel is being renovated at a cost of 80 million Singapore dollars, and is scheduled to be completed late this August. Besides the price of hotel rooms, food and beverages are the next largest expense for business.

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