England football team failed in the 2012 London Olympics. Ambition for the 2012 Olympic gold medal run aground after a quarter-final defeated by South Korea through penalty shootout . Penalties should be carried out after the match in normal time both teams shared a draw, 1-1.

In the match held on August 5, 2012, at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, South Korea won 5-4. Of the five kicker Great Britain namely Ramsey, Cleverley, Dawson, Giggs, and Sturridge, only the last player who missed a penalty. While South Korea, all of the executor netted the goal of Great Britain.

Britain catastrophe, could actually have come to be seen since the kick off whistle sounded. Giggs aggressive appearance and the team, must be conceded first goal by Ji Dongwon at minute 29. Don't want to reap the shame, the United Kingdom tried to press for the score. UK reap positive results at minute 36. Handsball one of South Korea's defender in the penalty box, make the referee award a penalty to the United Kingdom.

Ramsey is appointed as executor of the penalty kick, worked well. Score of the game changed to 1-1. A few minutes later, the United Kingdom have a golden opportunity to win. Violations committed by South Korean players in the penalty box, make the referee gave a penalty back to the United Kingdom. Unfortunately Ramsey is re-appointed as executor failed to take advantage of these opportunities. Shot that has been read, successfully blocked the South Korean goalkeeper.

Until the first half ended, the score remained at 1-1. In the second half and extra period, despite continued pressure and some times get a chance, no goals were successfully created by the United Kingdom. South Korea's defense is neatly managed to reduce the attack the assailants who built the United Kingdom who are mostly from English Premiere League, the world's best soccer league today.

Success of South Korea advanced to the semifinals was the first time this has happened along the country's participation in the Olympics. In the semi-final, South Korea would be expected by Brazil, who defeated Honduras in the quarterfinals before.

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