Often we hear, someone who is trying hard to diet failure. Though they really want to have an ideal body weight. What causes the diet to fail? At the core of each person who wants to succeed in the diet is they have a strong commitment to do that. Because the diet requires discipline and sincerity.

One way supposed to do is to record the calculation of calories in every food we eat. Write a list of daily foods, can help people who diet program capable of controlling every morsel of food that goes into their bodies.

A study conducted by researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, United States, said that the simplest way is very effective for diet program. And according to the study that's actually the key to success for losing weight.

The study was conducted by examining 123 fat women aged between 50 to 75 years. The findings in this study stated that they are routinely keep records of the food they eat, to reduce weight an average of 6 kg. While that not only can lose weight on average 2.7 kg.

One researcher, Dr. Anne McTiernan, says that for individuals who are trying to lose weight based on the results of the study, is a person who make a food journal to help meet the daily calorie goal. According to her, would be very difficult for people who on a diet to succeed if they do not care for anything they eat.

The findings have also been included in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Diet is getting support from Elaine Mealey, of the British Dietetic Association. According to all the evidence they have done also shows that dieters who kept a diary of food, not only lost weight, but also can keep the weight remains ideal.

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