After his divorce with Katie Holmes and Suri custody completely won by his former wife, automatically time owned by Tom Cruise with his daughter became very limited. The potluck occasions apparently did not want to be wasted by this 50 years old man.

A few days ago, seen the father and daughter who were aged 6 years was on vacation to Walt Disney World. They were accompanied by Tom's sister, Cass Mapother and VIP tour guide. On that occasion the appearance of a beautiful little girl looks so adorable. Suri was seen wearing a costume Ariel, in the movie "The Little Mermaid".

At that time, Suri Cruise looked very happy. A source said that Suri was looks so happy to walk in the playground as if her property. Due to limited time together and so dear to his daughter, Tom Cruise looks so caring and always respond to anything said by Suri.

As known in advance, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have agreed to take a peaceful divorce, and promise to live better in the future. Although at first they had fallen out loud before the divorce. New York's high court ruling giving full custody to Katie Holmes about Suri Cruise. However, Tom was given the opportunity to keep in touch with Suri.

In addition to custody issues, the couple also agreed to share responsibility for their children. After the verdict, Tom tolerant and considers that it is more appropriate Suri with her mother. Although they have been divorced, but quite visible if the former couple were both very fond of their daughter.

Before Tom and Katie split up, this little family had made ​​several trips. In 2009, Suri visited Disney World with her parents and Connor Cruise, who is the son of Tom's marriage to Nicole Kidman. At that time, Suri wore a different dress. First she dressed like the dress Belle in "Beauty and the Beast", then change so Cinderella-style dress.

Tom and Suri had often spent time alone in Disneyland. January 2012 they together went to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Since the very fast breakup of her parents, Suri has two rather different life style of each party, Tom and Katie.

With Katie, Suri to play to the cheap and common place in Manhattan, such as parks, zoos, museums, and they use taxis to travel. Meanwhile with Tom Cruise, Suri to Walt Disney World in Florida using a helicopter. Tom also did not hesitate to spend a few thousand U.S. dollars for Suri, flew to Long Island, New York to spend time together on the beach.

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