European business and consumer confidence fell further in September, although the Spanish noted the improvement, the EU said on Monday. Economic Sentiment Indicator produced by the European Commission fell to 85 points in the 17-nation euro zone, down 1.1 points from August after the sixth monthly decline in a row.

The indicator remains well below long-term average of 100 points. Among the largest national markets, sentiment in Germany deteriorated by 1.1 points, France down 1.6 points, and the Netherlands fell 1.2 points, but the Spaniard posted a 1.3 points.

In the 27 countries of the European Union as a whole, the score dropped from 0.9 points to 86.1 points, down 2.2 points for Poland, and the UK economy recorded an increase of 0.4 points. The commission said the decline was caused by a lack of trust between the service and retail trade managers, and consumers. Consumer confidence fell by 1.3 points in the entire euro zone and the European Union, despite the anxiety of unemployment remained broadly stable.

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