American car manufacturer, Ford, seems increasingly proud of the fight in the development of hybrid technology. Through the new flagship sedan middle class, the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Because it was reported that the Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan has been named as the most middle-class fuel economy in America.

Ford Fusion Hybrid managed to get an award and a certificate from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on this achievement. From the test results the EPA, Ford Fusion Hybrid can achieve fuel consumption in a city 5lt/100km, or 20km/lt. In other words, 1.7 km / liters more economical than the Toyota Camry Hybrid

With the attainment of a frugal fuel consumption makes the Ford Fusion Hybrid is capable of crushing triumph Toyota Camry Hybrid in America. Not only that Ford Fusion Hybrid is also capable of racing up to speeds of 100km / h, although in use EV mode.

"We are totally committed to continue the level of fuel efficiency in all types of vehicles. Way, the customer can choose the vehicle that suits their lifestyle," said Ford CEO Alan Mulally as reported by inautonews, Thursday (20/09).

In addition, these vehicles will also offer features such as auto start-stop engine. Then the other interesting feature is the Active Grille Shutters, with active front grille that will close itself when the car passes a certain speed in order to reduce the coefficient of drag.

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