GoDaddy is experiencing what many customers on their Facebook page as "literal business hell" from many outraged consumers of the Internet Hosting and domain registrar website.  Customer service phones are said to be busy signals while thousands of businesses begin shedding dollars they rely on through client interaction through email, website and the likes.  Many profess this issue is several hours long, cutting into the 99% guaranteed uptime that GoDaddy professes they provide.  It is being stated that somebody with username "AnonymousOwn3r" is responsible for this alleged hackjob.

Speculation of how this error happened is going rampant as we speak on their Facebook page while pissed consumers prepare to potentially pack their bags and head to other more reliable domain and hosting firms. If you are currently experiencing downtime, losing customers and potentially having to pull your hair out, do not feel alone: Could the consumer receive an apology out of the deal? Not hardly. The message? "Status Alert: Hey, all. We're aware of the trouble people are having with our site. We're working on it".  Extremely callous and indicative of a company that feels their service is the "baddest in the world".

Sure, companies go down for brief maintenance, have database connection errors and even sometimes fall under the skilled hands of hackjobs.  What doesn't appease the enormous customer base is the lack of remorse for the situation as you can clearly read above.  The GoDaddy Facebook page is literally getting hundreds of consumer angst messages a minute.  No phone service, no remorse and not an iota of when this issue will be resolved.  Does this mean that people - like myself, who is losing literally $6000 so far as we speak, should migrate elsewhere?  Or will Danica save the day with another revealing commercial to appease the angry man or woman?  You be the judge.  I'm migrating my 19 domains and main business site when they come back live as it appears many others are doing well.

Customer service is the epitome of every excellent business.  It appears that GoDaddy feels bulletproof to incidents requiring logical explanations.  This is, in my humble opinion, a wakeup call to any business that gets larger than life: customer service and logical explanations are better than "We're working on it", especially if millions of dollars were just missed by hosting consumers they serve. Stay tuned to this epic hosting quagmire that could cause million of dollars across the board for millions of internet consumers.

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