Hollywood is at it again, and this time they might have a winner. More times than not when Hollywood takes on the gaming world it turns into a big flop or a stereotypical gaming movie leaving no one with a happy ending. I might be foolishly optimistic about the latest gaming movie soon to hit theaters, but Wreck-It Ralph looks very promising.

Ralph, the bad guy for thirty years, in a Rampage-esque game no longer wants to be a bad guy and is looking to become a hero. His bad guy support group tries to help by letting him know, "Ralph you are a bad guy, but does not mean you're a "bad guy"'.  However these kind words aren't enough to stop him from doing the unthinkable, venturing out of his own game.

His quest takes him to Hero's Duty, a blend of Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty, to become the hero he wants to be or so he believes.  His journey to become a hero takes us through Sugar Rush, meeting Q-Bert, and discovering that he can in fact, "mess with the program." Ultimately Ralph becomes the hero by saving the gaming universe, although how he does it will have to wait till November.

Granted this is a movie for the family and not the hardcore gamer but only a hardcore gamer would really appreciate the gaming references. I look forward to how this movie will put a positive spin on video games and the hero that video games pulls from within its players. Hollywood has always had a love hate relationship with each other and this time it's more about the love than the hate. Besides how can you go wrong with a Disney movie; they did make two Trons.

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