Event though the headline in Forbes reads, "Online Ad Revenue Growth Slowing", when you dig in to the article, and the actual Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) numbers you can find more than a few bright spots. For instance, the industry is growing at a rate of 15%, compared to the second quarter of last year. There is also the bit about online ad revenue from all sources reaching a record $8.4 billion according to IAB tallies. But there is still one number that might be most important, and that is that 95% of brand advertiser budgets are spent on traditional media.

Could improving the way direct ad sales are made help move ad dollars online? Shiny Ads, who is innovating in a space that Roy Pereira, Shiny Ads CEO says, "has changed very little since the days of print publishing", hopes so. What he is referring to is the direct ad sales process, and his company recently announced a self-serve solution specifically for direct ad sales aimed at solving inefficiencies in the process of taking, fulfilling and tracking orders.

Even premium publishers using state-of-the-art ad-serving technologies have to turn to other solutions when it comes to automating the the lifecycle management of orders, line items and creative. The entry of sales in excel documents which then move to finance and ad operations is not uncommon, and something that can lead to long processing times and other inefficiencies according to the company announcement.

Shiny Ads self-serve for direct sales allows direct sales professionals to use a hosted, web interface to take premium ad sales orders. The solution automates ad sales with insertion order, creative and submission capabilities and also can integrate via a publisher's ad server API as well as CRM systems like Salesforce.com. A dashboard function can provide 'at-glance' views of campaign status with full editing capabilities, and the ability to manage user rights, pricing, and final order approval.

"For many publishers, the premium ad direct sales process has changed very little since the days of print publishing," said Roy Pereira, Shiny Ads founder and CEO. "It's still manual and highly inefficient. We've changed that with a platform that gives direct sales teams more time to focus on more sales".

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