The king of coolness Alexander Wang, took his magnificent avant-guard-craftsmanship to a whole new level of greatness. With such a strong collection, not only because it was exceptional in every possible way, but because it was full of tough clothes for stylishly powerful women. I am sure you would not like to mess with one of these Wang women.

The shapes, construction and experimentation were as innovative and delightful as usual, in what felt like a new take on basics and almost like a marvelous transformation of everyday uniforms. Full of such magnificent details and such a beautiful and edgy embroidery created by cutting-edge construction. It was a ravishing enchantment for the senses... Magical futurism

But it was real avant-guard-futurism, not Star Wars Retro inspired futurism. In shapes and styling that came from an alternative world, a most stylishly powerful world, with panels and cut-outs that were as delicious as they were ground breaking, it felt like the models were wearing gravity-defying pieces that came from a sci-fi fantasy with a strong technological feeling, in which his athletic aesthetic took a high dose of modern sophistication in beautifully treated meshes, blocks and intricate shapes. During a preview a few days before the show, Wang said austerity was a focus when it came to structure and volume. “Then I wanted to start dissecting the pieces,” he said. “So we played with the idea of suspension and tension through embroidery techniques.”

Despite the austerity intention, in which you could only think of plain neutral color blocking, there were interesting patterns that came from the wild inspiration with crocodile inspired 3d motifs and zebra-like cutouts and embroidery that were just glorious and beyond brilliant. The see-through cuts in the pieces were astonishingly risky yet they worked perfectly in alluring and sensual edgy-greatness. It was a black and white collection with hints of silver and creamy colors that did not go that far from the white hues.

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