It's that time of year again, when college representatives take to the road and attend college recruiting events, pressing flesh in warm multi-purpose rooms with high school students and parents, smiling and handing out packets and business cards.

From whether a university has a particular major to open dormitory rooms, from on-campus employment opportunities to a legacy of post-grad hiring, there are a variety of metrics to use when choosing where to spend the next 2, 4, 6 or 8 years of one's life. Depending on your grades, community service, financial resources or sporting ability, a variety of near-promises may be exchanged leading to a successful student-college relationship. For the larger majority, every dollar, every class, every experience counts toward a successful career and life.

Alumni Factor wants to redirect your attentions from how supportive a college is in getting you through their front doors, to how happy their graduates have been since their send-off into the real world.

Alumni Factor has processed the post-grad opinions of over 42,000 students from 177 major colleges and universities across the U.S., and offers its subscribers the ability to choose (or recommend) a college or university based on how it has met the hopes and dreams of those paying (or soon to pay) the bills.

Colleges are provided a return on investment (ROI) metric based on the results of 15 different categories of service. Categories include social development, career success, income per household, job opportunities, and intellectual development. A sample report, based on Xavier University of Ohio, can be read here.

From how hard was it to get a job with the degree earned, to how well a college's classes have prepared its students for their chosen career paths, Alumni Factor hopes that its metrics will hold colleges accountable for the education they provide each and every one of their students.

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