Google stock continues to rise and penetrate the highest record in the history of the company, which on Monday closed at a price of 749.38 U.S. dollars. In trading the next day, Tuesday (09/25/2012), Google's stock price continues to rise. What could cause this to happen?

Henry Blogdet, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider news portal, conducted an informal survey through social networking Twitter. He got a lot of feedback from colleagues. According to him, there are some things that caused Google's stock price continues to rise. Here is a list of reasons, made by Henry.
  • Motorola Mobility, a maker of mobile devices which Google acquired this year, began to hit the market with the release of the latest products.
  • Many people realize that Facebook is not a serious threat to Google. In addition, there is the assumption that Facebook is not "the next Google".
  • Google's main business, which is a search engine, it still continues to grow like a weed.
  • Android mobile operating system leads the global smartphone market, where almost all market segments to reach it.
  • Android-based smartphones are considered level with Apple's iPhone. Google Nexus Tablet 7 also well received.
  • Founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, Google's active return to work on and give positive energy to the company.
  • Investors want to invest in companies that experience a "growth at a reasonable price." And Google stock promise it.
  • Money spinning out of Apple to put into Google.

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