Some of the longest river in China, the Yangtze River, the water suddenly turned into red like tomato juice. Area officials say that until now they do not know the cause.

Residents in the southwestern city of Chongqing first saw stains spread in "rivers of gold" was on September 6. As reported by ABC News, although the red color of blood is concentrated in Chongqing, one of the largest industrial centers in southwest China, the color is also seen in several other points along the river.

The investigation team problem have not found the cause, but the Daily Telegraph reported that environmental officials consider the possibility of industrial pollution and sediment particles from recent flooding occurred as the source of the red color. One natural explanation can be eliminated from the likelihood of occurrence was colored microorganisms.

According to Emily Stanley, limnology professor who studies the river, from the University of Wisconsin, while red water, the first thing people think of is the possibility of "red tide" (a phenomenon causing algae blooms in red), but the algae that cause "red tide" of life in the ocean, not the kind that live in the river. So it is not possible for this phenomenon is associated with algae, as expressed by the professor.

Sometimes the river can turn red because of biological reasons, but according to Stanley, sometimes it happens to coincide with the colored bacteria that come along with the water levels of oxygen is lower than usual. The river constantly changing, mixing and reacting to the air above it, so it is rare river water could be lack of oxygen which then produces the red color.

Having seen some shocking pictures of the red color of the river in Chongqing, Stanley guess that is the human factor. This phenomenon is like the signs of water pollution. The water turns red very quickly is because people throw dye into it.

Disposal of industrial dyes is the cause of the change in the other rivers in China, Jian, a dark purple, last December. Team tracker found the source, a chemical plant that illegally make red dye for firework wrappers. Still, Stanley remains open opportunities for other causes that are now being investigated, the flow of rivers carrying sediment red clay.

China is famous for its area, which has steep hills and lots of land uses that promote soil erosion, so much of the land into the rivers. There may be red clay into the river, is no different with the inclusion of red dye into it in large doses. But if that's the case, then there is a big storm or clay in large quantities into the river system. Even so, look again into the Yangtze, Stanley still say that it is likely that the red color comes from industrial waste.

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