The results are in! After weeks of voting, Lady Gaga's little monsters have chosen their favorite things about her Born This Way era. Categories of the Gagaism Awards encompassed Gaga's music, videos, fashion choices, and live performances. Some categories even recognized the little monsters themselves, for things such as Lady Gaga cover songs and fan art.

There are a few interesting notes to be made about the winners. One, Gaga understands her fan base better than the media. While Gaga's appearance as Jo Calderone was anything but a hit with critics (one went so far as to call it a "brand destroyer"), the fans apparently loved it, voting the costume the most iconic of Gaga's Born This Way album cycle. Two, 'Scheiße' and 'Bloody Mary' were clear fan favorites of Born This Way, both winning multiple awards. And three, Mother Monster's intense creative energy seems to have rubbed off on her little monsters.

Listed below are some of the highlights of the awards:
  • Best Born This Way Single - 'Marry the Night'
  • Best Born This Way Track (Non-Single) - 'Bloody Mary'
  • Iconic Look of the Era - Jo Calderone at the 2011 MTV VMAs
  • Most Spectacular Born This Way Ball Number - 'Scheiße'
  • Best Little Monster Costume - Hilly Hindi dressed as Lady Gaga
  • Best Fan-Made Sketch or Drawing - Gaga by Maria Monster
  • Best Fan-Made Music Video - 'Bloody Mary' by Ruben Cortez
  • Best Parody - 'Gagaween' by The Hillywood Show
  • Best Cover - 'Born This Way' by Maria Aragon
  • Best Flash Mob - Bangkok, Thailand
  • Must-Follow Monster on Twitter - HausOfJuan

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