The movie, Won't Back Down, is an inspirational drama that never really happened. However, the film is a compilation of events surrounding the parent trigger law started in Los Angeles in 2010. The film features Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis and Holly Hunter. After overlooking the straight-forward plot, the movie may leave many viewers wondering what they got from the nearly two hour venture.

The enlightened movie-goer may just get inspiration to overcome a challenge facing them in their real life. And the life of Jamie, the night-time bartender and day time secretary for an auto-dealer, should inspire anyone to face their own Goliaths.

Jamie finds an unwilling ally in Nona, an African-American school teacher. The two partners join forces to battle the "as-portrayed" dreaded teachers' union. Along the way, the two eventually find an unsuspecting ally in their journey.

The non-stop enthusiasm of Jamie as she marches forward climaxes in the final scene of the film. After winning the battle, Jamie's 3rd grade daughter stands up in the assembly and reads a note. She struggles with one word at first saying "Hop."

The daughter, with the innocence that only a child can muster, ends the film with a self-correction and says "Hope." This little word reminds me of the "Hope" that was spoken by the Prophet Isaiah and by the Messiah in the Gospel of Matthew. In his name and teachings the islands and nations will put their hope.

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