French society should be proud, because between the beautiful and historic buildings in Europe, the Eiffel Tower is considered as the most precious monument or the most expensive on the continent. At least that's the assessment results issued by the Chamber of Commerce Monza and Brianza, Italy.

The agency in their written statement stating that the characters, names and aesthetic qualities of the Eiffel Tower, make it has a much higher price compared to other monuments. Based on a survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce Monza and Brianza, the value of this 324 meters tower was estimated to be 344 billion pounds. The Eiffel Tower is a French icon located on the Champ de Pars, the City of Paris. Though the construction of the tower was almost canceled built in 1889.

The decision to build the tower has three platforms wiewing was recently taken at the last minute. Originally, the tower was only a marker event entrance World Trade Fair. Eiffel never even meant to last more than two decades.

Currently, the Eiffel Tower became one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. Last year, the number of tourists who visit and stand in line to climb the tower were approximately 7.1 million people. Since its establishment until now, no less than 200 million people visit the tower superbly. So far, the Eiffel Tower is still listed as one of the top 10 highest steel structure buildings in the world.

Compared with the Colosseum in the city of Rome, Italy, the Eiffel Tower was much higher price. According to the Chamber of Commerce Monza and Brianza, Eiffel value six times more expensive than the value amphitheater built in the century 800 BC. The agency reported that the Colosseum was estimated around 72 billion pounds.

In addition to the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum, the Italian team is also assessing the value of a number of other buildings in Europe. Including, the Tower of London which is the most valuable icons in the UK, the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, Italy, Prado Museum of Madrid, Spain, Sagrade Familia cathedral in the city of Barcelona, Spain, as well as prehistoric monument Stonehenge in England.

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