In fact many ways that can be done to download videos from YouTube. This time I will give you some easy tips and tricks that I know. However, just information only, according to the TOS from YouTube, download videos from YouTube is not allowed, so if you do, you will also have been aware of the risk that your own risk, of course.

As additional knowledge, there are videos on YouTube is flv format. This format issued by the flash and generally played with a FLV Player. Or if you want to play with another player, you can convert it first to format that available with your player.

We're back with a problem to download YouTube. All you need is additional downloader software. Here is what you can use:

1. RealPlayer Gold

With installed on your computer, RealPlayer will automatically detect the flash-based videos found on the site. Download button "Download This Video" via RealPlayer will appear to the upper right of the video box on the flash-based video. You can just hit the button, and RealPlayer will automatically download the video, as shown at RealPlayer Downlad & Recording Manager window that appear. 

2. YouTube Downloader

One of the alternative software that is easy to use. This software can capture YouTube video URL that you play. Or if you want to do it manually, you can copy your YouTube video URL into the URL field in the YouTube Downloader. And than press "Ok", YouTube Downloader will automatically start to download. And the interesting thing is you do not need to sign in first on YouTube. This Software can you get free at official website like, or

3. Internet Download Manager

This is the way that the most I like and so far I think the easiest one and very quickly. It's just that this software is not free, but you can try trial version at their own official website if you not intend to buy.

IDM version of 5:18 and above, will automatically raise the "Download This Video" at the top right corner, if you play a flash-based video on a site, including YouTube. You can just press the button to download the video. In addition to automatically download video, IDM also accelerate the download process. Could speed up to 4 or 5 times the normal download speeds. It was very satisfying.

Above is a little way to download videos from YouTube. If you have any other way that can be shared to all people, please give your comment.

A little advice, you should read the TOS before you download YouTube videos from YouTube, but it's up to you.

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