With celebrity lifestyle, a potential cause of stress, undergoing hobby certainly be a very valuable for these Hollywood celebrities. Hobby for some people it means more than just a pastime. Activity is able to pamper the emotions and increase knowledge. Here are some well-known Hollywood celebrities with their unique hobby.

Taylor Swift
Although she is very busy with singing, Taylor Swift still managed to make a craft. At Christmas last year, she posted photos of her crafts, such as ornaments glass tubes containing Christmas trinkets on her Twitter account.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp does have a macho look, but the 49-year-old man apparently has a hobby of playing Barbie. At first his hobby is to perform the task as a father who accompanied his children. However, over time the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was enjoying his job was. In fact, his favorite activity when there is no rush. Johnny Depp said that he loved to play Barbies. Once he explores the Barbie character, with varying voice.

Leonardo DiCaprio
This Titanic movie actor is an action figure enthusiast. According Wikicollecting, mostly a collection of 37-year-old man was a Star Wars character. In 2006, DiCaprio sell a collection in an auction at Morphy Hall. The result reached USD 110 thousand which was then handed over to charity.

Tom Hanks
Oscar winning actor has a hobby that is not common, it turns out he likes collecting typewriters. Now Hanks has more than 100 manual typewriters from around the world. As quoted by Contactmusic, Tom Hanks says that he has a collection ranging from typewriters made ​​in the 1930's, to the stop tap machine made. Ironically, sometimes the shipping costs collectible items are much more expensive than the original price. For instance typewriter from Australia. Tom Hanks bought the typewriter at the price of USD 5, but for the delivery, he took charge USD 85.

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