In this article I will share information about how to add YouTube video box on the content of your blog or website. Functions can vary, for example, to clarify the content of blogs using video or film review, and many functions of the other.

Perhaps your first question is whether to be a member to be able to display YouTube video box? Apparently the answer is for the common video, it is not necessary.

How to do it:

Actually quite easy to put YouTube videos on your blog or website. The key is to "copy and paste" the Embed code (HTML) YouTube videos that you mean on the page your blog or website.

For the first step, find YouTube video that you want on YouTube website ( You can use the search box to facilitate the search. After the video that you mean you find, look in the box on the top right side as an example shown below:

There are two items that you have found are:
  • URL (video address)
  • Embed (the code that you need to take the video from YouTube)
Next, click on the Embed button as shown on the red circle, and will appear as shown below:

Point you need to consider are:
  • "Include related videos" means on your video box that installed also will appear alternative video that related with your video. If you do not want it, just remove the check the check box.
  • "Show border" means whether you want your video will come framed? Remove the check in the check box if you do not want it.
In addition you can also change the box color variations as you want, just click color box to select. Also the size of the box you can select the under (eg a large box that is 320x265 video means is 320px X 265px). Adjust the blog / your website.

After that copy the embed code (like the example below) into an HTML page website/blog of yours.

High width size may modify yourself manually. Look at the picture bellow when I copy it to blog:

Than publish your post. Finish. Below I give example result of YouTube video box on my blog,

Video box with variation green color and frame:

Original video box without frame:

As an important note, sometimes embed code will not directly open as a picture, but after we save, the image will appear on our website/blog. Please note too, by adding a YouTube video box too much, ugliness is going to make heavier loading website or blog. So add the YouTube video box just enough on each page of the website / blog of yours. My advice is one or two video box is enough.

How? easy enough right? Good luck to try it!

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