Maybe for some reason, you need tips to change the email password of your Google account. Could be because you feel your Gmail password is less secure now, so you want to turn it into more secure. If you are still confused to do so, here we give the tip.

First, of course you have to sign in and enter into your Gmail account. Then look at the menu at the top right at your Gmail account, and find the "settings" menu. Click on the menu and you will go to your Gmail settings menu page.

After that, choose the tab or menu "Accounts and Import", and find the menu "Change account settings" at the menu, and than choose "Change password" button. Click and go to that page to change your password.

To change your password, just enter your password which is now active in the "current password" field, and also enter your new Gmail password twice in the fields that given.

After that click "Save". Well, you finally success to change your Gmail password. Hopefully these tips useful for you.

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