PayPal account exposure limit could occur for reasons of securing the account. One reason is because they assume there is someone who is not entitled to have tried to open our PayPal account. To restore the PayPal account that get limitation is actually quite easy, which we must complete the data required by PayPal.

In addition, PayPal also expects us to check the last transaction that we do, whether there are illegal or not. If there is money transfers or withdrawals of money that does not comply with our will, PayPal offered an opportunity for us to do the dispute.

PayPal account get limitation, then the account can not be used, among others, to send money, withdraw money to local banks, change bank accounts and so forth. You certainly do not want to happen is not it? Moreover, if the money in your PayPal account in large numbers.

Here is my attempt to give simple tips, the steps we need to take in an effort to restore a PayPal account limitation.

When you enter your PayPal account, you will be prompted to change passwords and update the security questions. Sometimes you will also be asked to re-enter your bank account. Perform these steps correctly.

After that comes a page about PayPal statement about why your account is subject to limitation. Furthermore, you are required to complete some requirements in the Resolution Center. Therefore, you should go to that page.

On the Resolution Center page, you can see a column titled "Begin a limitation review". Note the points as below:
  • Required Response = data required by PayPal. Can vary, such as updated security question, change password, confirm credit card, proof of address, etc.
  • Status = Status of steps that you have done, Information submited or waiting your response. If waiting your response, then you should immediately complete it.
  • Action = Do you have completed step or not. If not, please fill out the data through the "Resolve" button.

One of the additional data requested by PayPal is the "Confirm your credit card". If you do not have credit cards, PayPal fortunately provide for other alternatives, such as a photo copy of ID, confirm the bank account and so forth. You'll find it after you get to the "Resolve".

You can send your documents as requested by PayPal, by upload or by sending it by fax. If the process of inserting the document you have done, then the status will display the words "in progress".

After you finish all the points requested by PayPal. Then you stay pending review by PayPal to your document. According to the explanation by email, they stated that the process is approximately 3-5 business days. But according to experience, if there are no problems the process can be completed in just 24 hours. With the notification via email that contains the "Your PayPal Account Access Has Been  Restore". Good luck!

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