The need for a PayPal account verified sometimes became a problem for some people, including me, because I don't have a credit card at all. Because as is generally known, PayPal verification can only be done by credit card or VCC (Virtual Credit Card). But the following tips will help you to make your unverified PayPal became verify without using a credit card or VCC, and prove that such an assumption is not entirely correct.

PayPal account is very important for verification. The main reason is because not all sellers who accept payment by PayPal, will be willing to accept payment by unverified PayPal. Also if you can, according to information can only conduct transactions under $ 100.

So, how if you want to verify PayPal account but you don't have a credit card, and you also don't have the money to buy VCC (Virtual Credit Card)? Consider the following simple tips.

The first step is, prepare the document in the form of a file. If you do not have, you can do it in a way to scan documents and store them in a flash. Documents commonly required are as follows:
  • Identity card (ID).
  • The front page of your bank book, which contained the name, bank account number and your address.
After that please contact PayPal via contact support or customer service PayPal through your unverified PayPal account, with the subject asks for help to verify your PayPal account. Or you can also try to directly send an email with the subject asks for help to verify PayPal, addressed to "". Don't forget to complete the email with your document already prepared, as a file attachment. As the picture below.

After you send the email, you are just waiting for a reply from customer service PayPal. It is very important that you should remember is, make sure that when creating a PayPal account in accordance with existing data on the identity document and your bank account. If your email has been received by PayPal, then you will get an email reply like this.

Well, if everything is OK, then your PayPal account will be verified by PayPal. You would be happy to receive notification from PayPal via email, which contains the information that your PayPal account has been changed from unverified be verified, as below.

If your document still exist that are less suitable, probably PayPal will ask you to complete other documents. And that often occur because of differences in the address written in the identity card with your address on PayPal. Anyway, if you have been able to make your PayPal account verified, I say congratulation for you!

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