Here is an easy tips to withdraw money from PayPal to a local bank account. Actually this method is fairly easy and almost the same for all local banks. First, consider the following important note:
  • Make sure that your name at your PayPal account is the same with your name at your local bank account. For example, if name at your local bank account is Marco Angelina Samoa, so your name at PayPal account at least is Marco Samoa (PayPal need first name and last name). If not, then your withdrawal will fail and you get fined $ 5.
  • Make sure that your PayPal account already verified.
Add bank account number at PayPal

The first step is add your bank account number (account purposes to withdraw) to PayPal. Find and click this menu from your PayPal account:

Profile --> Add/Edit Bank Account -->Add

See the picture below:

Fill in the fields above correctly. For the column "bank code", you can look at the menu "what's this?" in accordance with your bank. Then click "continue", and complete until finish.

Withdrawal process

Start process of withdrawal from your PayPal account as below:

Withdraw --> Withdraw funds to your bank account

Then fill in the amount of money would you pull from your PayPal account to your local bank account. To withdraw money from under $ 150, you will be charged $ 2. If above this amount then the withdrawal process is free. There is also a tool for converting currencies, according to the currency you want. Look at the picture below.

Complete the process until finished. Process transactions that you do can be seen from the type of transaction in your PayPal account. That type of transaction withdraw to bank accounts, with the status of pending.

The process withdraw to bank account according PayPal explanations will lasts about 3 until 4 business day. However, the process can be faster.

Keep in mind also that if you change the status of pending transactions to complete, not necessarily the money transfer has been entered into your bank account. But the process is still ongoing. But you do not need to worry, wait a while longer in a matter of hours, up to transfer money from PayPal has been entered into your bank account.

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