To insert a banner into a forum page or post can not be done automatically. Because in general a forum does not provide a button to insert images with link. What is available is a button to enter the picture link only, or a button to insert a link only.

Benefits are most often taken by users of the Internet by placing a banner on a forum is to get referrals, downline on promoting product. You would understand if you are any of the businesses on the Internet.

Actually quite easy to insert the banner, All it takes is a symbol of HTML banners that we will attach. No need really expert on the HTML language to do so. The important thing is to memorize how trivial. Here I will present simple ways that can be done by anyone.

Sample HTML code for the banner:


Note the HTML code above:
  • For the blue text = is a link or the target of your banner. That is the address of the site where visitors your banner will be taken.
  • For the red text = is the address of your banner image.
The HTML code you can directly copy into the content your comment in a forum. When you click send, then the banner will appear on your comment. The following are examples of banners that use the HTML code above, which I insert in one of forum page.

Now with a change of address image and the address link (target) from HTML code above, you can use it for your own banner too. Simple, just replace it!

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