For Anybody that usually using free e-mail service, you must have known that there is an free e-mail service provided by Google. What I mean is Gmail, the e-mail with the name **** this e-mail is quite a lot of fans. Of course, since some of the advantages possessed. Advantages of Google e-mail (Gmail) that I like is free (of course!), lightweight, simple, and also its capacity became increasingly. If you didn't have Gmail yet, you can sign up at

At the time to opening Gmail, we generally use a browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Opera Browser. But do you know that actually accout Gmail can also be connected and opened using Microsoft Office Outlook Express? Microsoft Outlook Express is an e-mail program that is usually a single package at intallation of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Exel (Microsoft Office). Try to check once again your Microsoft Office programs.

Start> All Programs> Microsoft Office> Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

This service can function because of the service free feature provided by Gmail which is called the POP and SMTP# free. Maybe we will not discuss it further for this service. We will only focus on the function alone. How to configure opening Gmail on Outlook Express? follow these steps one by one.

Fist step, open your Gmail account.
Open Google at in your browser. Click Gmail in the left pane, then Sign In to enter into your account. Surely you already know this step is not it?Next look at the top right corner and find the "settings" menu. Click it to open Gmail settings window.

Click tap "Forwarding and POP / IMAP" and then Change the following parameters. In the second part (POP Download):
  1. Status, click on "Enable POP for all mail"
  2. When massege are accessed with POP, "Keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox".
For more details see the picture below:

Finish with a click "Save Changes" to save the changes.

Second Step, open Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
On the page Microsoft Outlook Express (2007), find "Tools" menu at the top and click "Account Settings". It will open Account Settings window.

Click the "E-mail" and then "New". In the window Add New E-mail Accounts there are several parameters that must be filled. That is your name, your Gmail account name that will connect to Outlook and password. Fill it and then click "Next" so on until the finish.

Third Step, restart your Outlook Express.
Well, now Outlook Express you are ready to use. In Outlook Express there is a menu function as in Gmail, such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, and others. It would be better if you try it out first by sending a message to your own account. Having sent close Outlook Express and open it again to the process of receiving e-mail. Open your e-mail earlier in the Inbox.

How? Did you succeed? Hopefully these tips and tricks can be useful and help you.

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