Frankenweenie is a disturbing film from a possibly dyslexic director, Tim Burton. The children who watched the film in the movie theater at the private screening said almost nothing and laughed not at all. The children mostly sat still with the God-given terror that the film imparts on the pure in heart.

The Gothic fiction in the movie is apparent as the film liberally takes themes from nearly every past horror film written. The film is about a boy and his love for his dog. Sparky, the boy's dog dies after being hit by passing car after the boy, Victor, hits his first home run.

Victor, then brings Sparky back to life with lightening from a storm in his parent's attic. This begins the grotesque twists and merging of the past horror plots.

As the film develops, the sane mind can only hold on to one redeeming factor in this film, the love of the boy for his dog. The film imparts the belief that it was the boy's love for his dog that brought Sparky back to life.

Sadly, this is not what God has told man from the beginning. It is the love for God that should prevail. As the mentally disturbed have always gotten wrong, God is not spelled "d-o-g". Overall, there is not much to love in this film, but there is much to pity, especially those parents who subject their children to this film. For if the eye is filled with darkness, then how great is that darkness?

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