One of the Multimedia Player that a lot of users including me are Window Media Player Classic. This happens no other than the excellent ability in a variety of formats play music or video. Also is it easy to update the codec files that make us more easy to update Windows Media Player Classic capabilities in reading a variety of format file video are developed.

One alternative that you are can do is to update codecs with K-lite codec Window Media Player Classic. This can make it be able to read almost all kinds of video file formats. To take a snapshot or images from Windows Media Player Classic is quite easy too. The steps are as follows.

The first step we must do is of course to play your video files in Windows Media Player Classic. After the video distorted, press the "pause" to frame of your picture that want to be taken. Then go to menu "File", then "Save Images" to save the picture frame.

Give your file a name. There are three types of file formats that you can choose the jpeg, png or bitmaps. Fairly easy way is by using the dropdown button on the right. In addition you can also select the destination folder as you want with "Browse Folders".

If you fail, you should check the parameter "Overlay Mixer" and make sure it is disabled. The menus are: View > Options > Output
Uncheck on Overlay Mixer* (to make disable):

Actually there is another way that is more easily, namely by using the supplied hotkey Window Media Player Classic

Alt + I

After you press it, window Save As will be appear, as already mentioned above. Have a nice try and good luck!

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