United States Department of Transportation has conducted road tests cars that can "talk" in Ann Arbour, Michigan. The "Talking Cars" that the U.S. government uses to address congestion and help drivers avoid traffic collisions.

United States Department of Transportation along with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute doing research since 2011. Both of them managed to find an effective security system to reduce the number of traffic accidents. With a cost of $ 25 million, 3,000 cars from eight leading manufacturers, such as General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyudai/KIA, and Mercedes-Benz, has been assembled to test the new system.

Finally found the new system establishes a mechanism senses of sight and touch to the car. The car is designed to be able to read a vehicle around with cameras and radar. Besides vehicle system also uses wireless technology like WiFi.

Special is the smart car can detect the location of the other car and knowing the speed of the car is up to a distance of 300 meters. Wireless is also connected with 29 traffic signs in the area of ​​Ann Arbor. If the conditions are safe, the vehicle could change traffic lights to green. In addition they can also determine whether the driver had to brake or keep driving.

With this technology, the driver will receive a signal from the system if there is another car coming suddenly, but not caught cars camera or radar. Threat information received by the senses of the car, will give warning to the driver.

For example, using the alarm, the red LED light flashes on the dashboard, write a specific message that appears in the digital instrument cluster, to vibrate the driver's seat to tell the driver to slow down.

Unfortunately the cars currently only have sensors and lasers to detect potential dangers of driving. For the future, with the addition of WiFi technology, expected information about the circumstances surrounding the whole can be obtained by the car, and can be delivered to the driver. As described by Michael Shulman, technical leader of communications vehicles from Ford Company.

Nevertheless, the project was expanded to well as between one car and another car could communicate. So the warning before the crash can be known at an early stage, and can maximize driving safety for car drivers.

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