When we talk about high paying profession, surely that comes to mind is the athletes or movie stars. But the rewards in the form of materials or money is not just limited to the profession. Chefs or professional cooks are also there that have high incomes.

As quoted from siliconindia, 5 chefs in the world with the largest revenues are below. It was very large income, knowing they also become a major player in the culinary business that they do.

1. Gordon Ramsay

Prolific chef from the USA with global revenues of $ 38 million. Ramsay has 24 restaurants around the world, 11 Michelin stars, a lot of cookbooks and TV pickles.

2. Rachel Ray

The chef with the second highest income is very surprising, because she has no her own restaurant. Chef with an income of $ 25 million has four Food Network programs, including Tasty Travels and $ 40 a Day.

3. Wolfgang Puck

The chef with the highest income third is Wolfgang Puck with revenues of $ 20 million. Men born in Australia started his career at a restaurant Spago.

4. Paul Deen

Paul Denn is a chef who finished fourth as a chef with the highest incomes in the world with earnings $ 17 million. Paul Deen is famous for butter and fried foods are a traditional food of South America.

5. Mario Batali

And the last is Mario Batali a culinary school dropout who had total revenue of $ 13 million. He has a royal Italian cuisine from New York, Los Angles, Las Vegas to Singapore.

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