The British government perpetuate the name of Queen Elisabeth II in one spot in Antarctica as a 60th anniversary gift she reigns as queen. The area was an area of ​​169 thousand square miles, nearly twice the size of Britain, which has yet to be named.

"This award at the end of the year celebration diamond queen and I'm pleased to say this when she visited the offices of the foreign ministry," said William Hague, Foreign Secretary, yesterday.

For the first time the Queen made ​​history by visiting Downing Street. Here the Prime Minister and his cabinet offices to manage the government. Queen attend and sit with cabinet members during the discussion of the upcoming parliamentary affairs.

Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch who first attended cabinet meetings since 1781, when the United States fought a war of independence. Her father, George VI, attended the cabinet during World War II took place.

The presence of the Queen in the cabinet reap the pros and cons assessment. Professor administration program at the London School of Economics, Rodney Barker, assessing the presence of the Queen as being crazy, because her presence makes the Queen a chance to know a lot of things she should not know and listen to a lot of things she should not listen.

Instead Professor Jane Ridley, author of a biography of Edward VII, told the BBC Radio4'S Today, the degree of the Queen is above politics and empire. "This is a milestone in the constitution," said Ridley.

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