British giant defense industry, BAE Systems will complete construction of the Royal Navy submarine HMS Audacious in a deal worth 1.2 billion pounds, such as the Ministry of Defense on Monday announced a few days ago. Contracts for Audacious, the fourth ship of seven Astute Class boats built for the Royal Navy, will ensure the 3,000 workers at the company's shipyard in Barrow, northwest England.

Submarine hunter-killer type that will gradually replace the Trafalgar Class currently in operation. The first two ships of the plan, Astute and Ambush have been undergoing trials, and third vessel Artful, almost finished at the factory Barrow. Work has been carried out for the beginning of Anson, fifth ship, while the sixth and seventh ship construction has not yet begun.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: "This contract marks an important next step in the advancement of our attackers submarine program and move closer to the Royal Navy submarine in the addition of more sophisticated and powerful attack power into our fleet."

The minister also promised more funds for BAE to begin work other ships. "Our ability to provide an additional 1.5 pounds for the fifth ship, sixth, and seventh underscores the benefits of balanced budgets and a full program fully funded equipment that provides certainty for our Armed Forces."

"This funding demonstrates our commitment is not only important to the ability of the Royal Navy, but also for the industry submarines in Barrow, which will play an important role in the defense of Britain for the next few decades."

Submarine Astute class, driven by nuclear propulsion systems Rolls-Royce are proud of the reactor that does not require refueling. The ship is armed each with a ground attacker Tomahawk missiles and Spearfish torpedoes, with a range of 1920 kilometers.

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