Norwegian Air Shuttle said it will hire aircraft to replace the Boeing 787 Dreamliner when the aircraft type is still not delivered on time. Boeing has told the Norwegian airline that threatened aircraft delivery schedule backward. The possibility arises because of an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board the United States, the aircraft was extended until the time is not yet known.

"If the 787 does not come on time for flights to New York and Bangkok, it will be leasing the aircraft to ensure flight operations as scheduled," the airline said, as quoted by Reuters page on Friday, February 9, 2013.

Norwegian Air is scheduled to receive eight first Dreamliner in April. The airline is also ready to sell tickets at a discounted price for the first flight out of the country as was done airline.

Governments around the world prohibit Dreamliner flew on 16 January, after a series of incidents occurred. One is the spark that appears on the 787, which was parked in the Boston airport. It also had an interruption in the aircraft type in Japan. Due to fly, some airlines suffered losses of tens of millions of dollars.

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