Glasses made with advanced technology, Google Glasses currently only sold to certain circles, and is still in rough shape or prototype. But a bar called 5 Point in Seattle, apparently more advanced in the implementation of policies regarding the use of Google's Glasses.

Glasses that can be used to record video, photos and operates several smartphone features, no entry into the 5 Point. The ban was announced through the official Facebook account of the bar.

The sound of the announcement is, "for the record, 5 Point is a place of business in Seattle first to ban the use of Google Glasses, and decisive action will apply to the violation."

This announcement immediately got pros and cons. Some consumers said the ban was appropriate, because they are not recorded or photographed secretly at the time to relax in the bar.

Many people who go to the 5 Point and did not want known, certainly not willing to be filmed or photographed secretly, and then ended up in the internet. Therefore, the owner of 5 Point, Dave Meinert, confirmed that they did not want anyone to record secretly, or take a photograph of another person secretly in their bar. He also added that the venue for some people is a very personal.

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