The lovely lady is a concern at the Academy Awards 2013. Her slender body becomes a magnet, when she chose clothes that seemed to want to exploit her body slimness. For people who are close to this artist would not be surprised by it given the regularity in exercise.

But who would have thought behind the beauty was, she liked a hard sport identical with men, soccer and boxing. Indeed, for Amanda Seyfried, soccer and boxing have become part of everyday life. For her, the two sports are compulsory sports menu.

She also did not deny that soccer could give her happiness and excitement. Moreover, this sport can be played together, including on location or while traveling to a place. That's the other side of the lifestyle Amanda, an actress who last year climbed prominence for her starring role as Cosette in Les Miserables sensational movie.

According to her, boxing could make her whole body moving, whether it's thinking, muscle, power, and footwork. The positive effect is when she plays soccer, her foot was light to run.

This woman has a full name Amanda Michelle Seyfried. She said that knows soccer inadvertently. She only saw her excited colleagues when mentioning the name of a David Beckham, a few years ago. She eventually was curious about the soccer star. During this time she had ever heard the name of the star, but never face to face directly.

Until one day she asked her friend to look at the team's training session Los Angeles Galaxy. It was then that she was curious to come into play, and then she bought a soccer ball to be brought back home. Once seduced by first impressions, Amanda then accepted the invitation of her friend to practice more seriously. Even a soccer instructor brought in every week to the house of a friend her, to train soccer.

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