Not many government officials are engaged in the world of music. However, the British Transport Deputy Minister, Norman Baker, 55, is one of them. Politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, it was recorded as a rocker. British lawmakers will release his first rock album in the near future.

British weekly newspaper The Sunday Times reported that Baker along with his musical group, will launch the album titled Always Tomorrow, next week. A father who has a daughter that is the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of the rock band The Reform Club.

The band was formed in the early 1990s. But, most of the lyrics and music of the band is produced by the guitarist, Mike Phipps.

Lawmakers representing Lewes, East Sussex had been thinking about the idea of ​​recording an album since 30 years ago. Prominent born Aberdeen, Scotland finally managed to embody the idea after writing a wish list before he died. He added that he had to fulfill his desire at this time, before it's too late. To think of the idea, he takes 10 years.

But he promised that the next album away from political overtones. He did not intend to create an album of music that denounced the Prime Minister or write a political song, because he considered tacky.

One of the songs on the album were written in 1983, when Baker and the band lost a job at a music store. One other song, titled Strange Days, tells about his youth.

In carrying out its day-to-day governing coalition led Prime Minister David Cameron, Baker is responsible for the operation of trains, buses, taxis and traffic management.

The Reform Club is not the only rock band in the land of United Kingdom who have a member of parliament. The band MP4, also have personnel MSPs and a former member of the band Runrig Pete Wishart. Other personnel are former MP Ian Cawsey (bass and vocals), Greg Knight (drums) and Kevin Brennan (guitar and vocals).

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