Western Australia has a unique lake, which the water pink. The location of the lake is surrounded by forest and sand, making the it look so beautiful when seen from the air.

Hillier Lake is a pink lake located in Middle Island, Western Australia. The passenger plane was always amazed when they saw the beauty of the lake from the air. The length of the lake reaches 600 meters, clearly visible among a very lush green trees.

Indeed, Hillier Lake is not the only pink lake in the world. Lakes that have a pink color can be found in Retba and the San Francisco Bay. Origin pink lake is not known with certainty. However, some researchers believe that the pink color comes from the red halofilik bacteria contained in a salt crust.

Even the news reported by Amusing Planet stated that the pink color of the lake water is really real. Visitors can prove it by taking samples of the water and saw that the color pink is going to be permanent and difficult to lose.

Pink Lake was first discovered by an Englishman, named Matthew Flinders in 1802. At that time, he was riding Flinders Peak when later he found a beautiful lake that looks pink untouched human at all.

With the discovery, eventually more and more visitors came to the place. Even now, this place is one of the popular tourist destination in Western Australia.

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