Apple iWatch is smart watches, which is rumored to be soon presented by Apple. The new products are indeed made many people curious, especially the fans of gadgets. Especially for people who make Apple gadgets as the top choice for communication and social interaction in cyberspace, of course, so it clearly knows more about this one gadget candidate. Here is leaked information that would treat the most curiosity.

1. Release date and price iWatch is still a mystery. Many people may speculate about the price and when iWatch released, but Apple has not dared to give the glimpse of these two important things. Rumors are circulating, iWatch will be launched in 2013.

2. iWatch would have Siri. Assitant Voice from Apple is very likely embedded in the iWatch. Because iWatch operates itself in iOS. Although they would not be having all the features in the iPhone, iWatch must have been able to represent the features of the iPhone.

3. iWatch is one of the big Apple project. Every product Apple has always managed to steal the show and also the market. Intend to follow the tradition of the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple iWatch design in a large team. A team of 100 people is not just coming from an internal Apple, but also those outside of Apple. They have the capability of creating "gadgets that can be used". The team was led by the "golden child" Apple, John Ive.

4. iWatch carrying Gorrilla Glass curved screen. Gorrila Glass as our proven materials smartphone screen, because it is not one that Apple chose as a raw material of iWatch. Apple even likely to develop it into a curved shape because iWatch worn on the wrist.

5. iWatch size of 1.5 inches and a bluetooth connection. According to several tech sites, bluetooh become mandatory because of its function as a liaison iPhone or iPod to iWatch and not spend too much battery.

6. iWatch features more personalized. In addition to Siri, Apple called a lot of features that will immerse personal nature. According to rumors, iWatch will be able to pay, schedule, health checks and even locked the house.

7. iWatch is only one model. Watches usually have different models for men and women. But for Apple is likely to throw a standard fashion and make iWatch in one model, both for men and women.

Meanwhile in the market, it's been a lot of smart watches, which have almost the same with the iWatch concept, such Coockoo or Pebble Watch. However, according to observers of technology and mobile industry, Bruce Tognazzini, said "the pioneers" would not affect the enthusiasm and the market for the iWatch.

Bruce even said that Apple, if we can look back never actually became a pioneer. They let the others and many others, experimenting. Then they brought out a new product which is termed as "the product of mass destruction".

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