As the news reported by the BBC, the software giant, Microsoft, was fined by the European Commission amounted to U.S. $ 731 million. The sanctions imposed on Microsoft, because they break a promise in offering internet explorer engine options to the user.

In 2009, a computer software company from the United States reached an agreement with the EU Competition Commissioner to provide internet explorer engine options other than Internet Explorer to new computer buyers. But the investigation took place between May 2011 to July 2012 found Microsoft failed to give options to approximately 15 million users.

Under this regulation, the EU could impose larger fines by 10% of the total global annual revenue which reached U.S. $ 7.4 billion, based on financial statements Microsoft 2012. EU Competition Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, said that the failure to achieve it, is a serious offense and should be considered appropriate sanctions.

In March 2010, Microsoft has introduced a computer screen to select the internet explorer engine, as agreed with the European Union. But the option was dropped in Windows 7 which is enhanced in February 2011 on the grounds, according to Microsoft as a technical error.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and will review the situation to take steps so that similar problems do not recur in the future. Microsoft responded to the EU's decision by stating that they will take full responsibility for the technical error that caused the problem happened and apologized.

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