If at this time the mobile phone manufacturers compete to deliver products with a screen as big as possible, this Japanese company just the opposite. The Japanese companies are known named Willcom, recently launched a mobile phone that is claimed to have the world's smallest size, Phone Strap 2.

Quoted from the news released by The Register, product size Phone Strap 2 has dimensions of 32x70x10, 7 mm, and weighs only 32 grams. In addition, Phone Strap 2 has a screen size of only 1 inch and resolution of 96x64 pixels.

By comparison, the largest mobile phone is available today Huawei Ascend, which has a 6-inch screen size. Huawei Ascend has a size six times larger than the Phone Strap 2.

Despite its small size, Phone Strap 2 has a function that is not too much different from the other phones. It can be used to make voice calls and send text messages, the phone can also be used to send e-mail.

Additionally, Phone Strap 2 is also equipped with a 400mAh battery powered. With the battery, the device can live for 30 days in standby mode and 2 hours of talking.

Unfortunately, Phone Strap 2 is not sold globally. This product is only sold in Japan with a very limited number, 12,000 units only.

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