China success to break new records in development. This bamboo curtain country managed to build a bridge that is located highest in the world. The name of the bridge is Beipanjiang Bridge. Bridge spanning at an altitude of 565 meters above the river Beipan was officially put into operation on Thursday, December 29, 2016.

Once the bridge was officially opened, some people who had long been curious, come see and try to pass it. When the fog came, when passing the bridge, the user feel being above the sky. For the ravine below the bridge was covered in cloud and thick fog, so the landscape Beipanjiang as if floating.

According to the CCCC Highway Consultants Co. LTD who participated in the construction, bridges impassable chasm so deep, so that the bridge structure must withstand high winds. Beipanjiang bridge stretches along 1.34 kilometers, and connects the city of Xuanwei, Yunnan province, with the city Shuicheng, Guizhou Province. The aim is to shorten the distance between the two cities.

In the past, for a distance of Xuanwei to Shuicheng takes about 5 hours. With the existence of this bridge, now travel timi only 1 hour. China's Ministry of Transportation issued a permit Beipanjiang bridge construction project in October 2013. So for the construction is only about 3 years. The Chinese Government issued a budget of 1.023 billion yuan to build the bridge with four lanes.

Thus, now eight among the ten highest bridge in the world, located in China. Most bridges are built in rural areas and stretches over chasms in. Among others that already exist are Sidu River Bridge and Puli Bridge.

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